Hopeful tomorrow.

Hey guys… First of all sorry for promising to post the following day I.e. the day after my first post.. Which I dint.

Anyway I’ve been thinking long and hard… Mostly when you are idle you think a lot and probably you end up depressed but sometimes you get a fresh breath through life.

I’ve been through that state in life, when you want to compare yourself to others. What they have and who they are, you want to be. To an extent even others notice and your originality is lost and every one else can’t stand you.  You think to yourself they just don’t like you but babe they already see through you.

Sorry for so much talk, my point is, sometimes as much as some else’s things look so damn good, if they were automatically changed to be yours you couldn’t handle them. And then you would go back to God and ask why. Let it be thats not yours. And sometimes God gives them what they ask for because they got no unique strenghth to handle diversity that would otherwise mould them into better persons.

If you got everything you want, dont get me wrong. Who knows you handled your part long time ago. I’m talking to someone who is at that stage right now. 

You look at people and they are being loved right by their partners, your friends got their things already in place seamlessly and your life is crumbled and in aplace hope is unheard of. Don’t worry, your time is almost. Don’t give up yet. Okey love. I myself nothing’s right in my life right now. Nothing in place but what is keeping me sane is the fear of giving up when my time is almost.

 God is faithful when every one is not. Love you all.

Till next post be inspired. Keep up my your spirits for the right reasons.



my first post

Hey peeps….(what a cheesy way to start this conversation with you guys) this means we will get along just right right?

Anyway people lets just say i’m not new to this since I’ve tried this before but it didn’t last that long…or maybe I didn’t really start it for the right reasons. Oh I’ve not figured it out still but i hope to..okay?

As you can tell already i’m a complainer which i already got into terms with.( I will talk about that in the next post I promise) but you can expect anything from me. ANYTHING. Love talks, relationships, makeup and beauty (i have an idea what that is. hahhaha) depression and remedy, and so so much more.

However the main reason I put this first post is to let you know what you’ll be dealing with. ME of course, but for some reason this account will be semi anonymous for reasons that will unfold in the future. Trust me i’m no freak but a girl gotta lookout for her self.Kinda

Anyway till next post tomorrow. Bye love lots.